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We all go travelling and take photos of ourselves in front of the usual monuments, breathtaking scenery or hidden beauty spots we find by accident. Thousands of pictures have been taken of the Eiffel tower, the pyramids in Egypt or the Colorado Grand Canyon – but do you know what type of paving stones cover the streets of Paris? Or what about the type of land the pyramides are constructed on?
The project Step around the world has been created to show the world from a different perspective. And to do this, we need photos of lots of places – taken of the ground.
We take a photo of ourselves in each place we visit. But the objective of this project is that we capture the short-lived moment of each step we take in each place. We look for a piece of ground that tells a story and describes something, and we take a photo of it next to our feet – precisely because the incredibly fine sand of a desert, a broken paving stone in the middle of a crowd or a pile of stones next to a path can tell us more about something than we could ever imagine.
Steps around the World is a project that can only get going if lots of people make contributions and want to get to know this other world that often passes us by unnoticed. If you would like to discover it as well, then this is your project too. Find your piece of ground, take your photos and send them to us so we can create a different map of a planet that can still surprise us if we look at it from another angle.
Are you there already? Are you a Stepper?

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